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Want to make someones day or even year? Looking for a unique gift they won't see coming? Book a personalised Video Shoutout from Troy Candy!

Troy is on a mission to create personalised and authentic fan experiences around the world, starting with personalised Video Shoutouts!

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1. Submit your message request in the "My Video Shoutout instructions are:" box upon checkout.

2. Include the following information: who the video is to & from, what the occasion is & any additional information.

Please also state if you do not wish the video be used for promotional purposes including appearing on this webpage.

3. Your personalised video will be sent to you via email within 4 business days.

Used only for personal, non-promotional & non-commercial use.

Strictly no promotional videos including promotion of a company, organisation or product on the companies website or social media handles.

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Video Shoutout For Jaden

Requested by Adem B.

"Troy! You went above and beyond. We were absolutely pissing ourselves. Jaden will never forget it!

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