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This giveaway takes place from April to Nov 2021. Each month two prizes (1st and 2nd Prize will be awarded). The Grand Prize will be selected from the total entry pool in November.

1st Prize: 1x Exclusive Snorkel Tour '21 Bucket Hat

2nd Prize: 1x Exclusive Snorkel Tour '21 Bucket Hat, 1x Sunnies and 1x Snorkel

Grand Prize: A trip for two to a future Candyland event. This includes round trip airfare for two people and VIP entry. 

how to enter

There are two ways to enter.

1. Post an original pic of you doing a snorkel and tag it #snorkletour2021 @troycandy. Make sure it's creative, your own image, and that your account is on public so we can see your entry! 


2. Enter your details below: